Taste the fat

The shredder program is purely designed to lose weight. At EP, we believe the best way to lose weight is HIIT (high intensity interval training). Looking at a typical day at Ep it may not seem the whole workout is at high intensity nor all intervals but I can assure you it is when someone runs behind you with a stick. Non Ep members may think this is an exaggeration but I really do chase clients down the driveway with a stick. Some also may look at this program thinking, there’s no way am I able to complete that, little lone one of the movements presented. We are fully aware of this and can modify/ scale the whole workout to suit the needs of the individual. This includes people nursing injuries.

Problems we have faced during the first 3 weeks of the shred program.

To be honest, not many except the one and only annoying, shin splints, better known as the radiating pain felt with any repeatedly abnormal force applied to our stride. So last weeks program was altered to give the group a bit of a rest which will be maintained and nursed throughout the following weeks.

Along with this program we have the ‘Pound For Pound’ competition, or should I say punishment. The goal or ‘must’ is to lose a pound a week for 12 weeks which is exactly 452g. I laugh all the time as someone always has to correct my math, saying 452 x 12 doesn’t equal 6000. But the Ep scales only go up and down by the 100g increments.  The group has only just clicked. Anyway, if you don’t hit your weight, every gram over equals one burpee. Yes, one burpee, so lets pray you hit your target.

Three weeks in and everyone is coping just fine!


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